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host. I never worked in Rochester, and that must have been someone else using the same name. He married my wife's roommate and was my son's Godfather. Everything YOU CAN think OF: "THE velvet underground TO THE "lovin' spoonful TO THE "byrds". I retired from AP Radio in Washington in November of 2012.

I remember one Sunday morning when I opened up at the xmtr (we were not 24 hrs then). Thursday, January 7, 2010, 4:05PM Ed, Greetings from Florida! Of course after a long hot day heaving the rocks, Augie Santana, the venerable Chief Engineer, code promo always had a few six-packs of beer for the three of us to enjoy at the end of the day. I'd welcome a call. Having the Beatles live ON THE AIR from their suite at the Warwick Hotel. Merv and I became frequent phone pals (remember, this was long before emails). Thanks for the great radio Jackson. I have only good memories of him. He went to walt after he left whap in Hopewell, VA and worked for Dick Oppenheimer at both stations. There's one of me as I appear today at age 66 but there's another that is actually interesting - three actual radio legends in one place. When my brothers were maybe 10 and 12 he would take them along with him on the weekends to rebuild the catwalks that led to the towers.