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tuned as I spend more time with this steel and expand on my evaluation. The blade itself is titanium carbonitride coated to help prevent against rust. CTS-XHP edge retention: 8 corrosion resistance: 6 ease OF sharpening: 5 market popularity: 4 CTS-XHP from US based Carpenter is another relatively new knife steel that has very good edge retention and hardens to about 61 HRC. The Mini-Griptilian is close. . And each of these knives comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Think of CTS-XHP as a more corrosion resistant form of D2 steel with marginally superior edge retention. Most traditional folding knives do require a belt sheath which some people like while others dont. See knives with CPM-S30V steel. It also holds its edge consistently, but you may find yourself needing to sharpen it more frequently compared to other steels. Like the trappers that Case does a great job with, this Stockman is a fine offering.

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As a steel, its not bad. Carrying Method Unless youre wearing a belt pouch to work in the office, youll want a pocket knife with pocket clips and options for carrying in-pocket. The blade can get sharp, but I never got that real razors edge. This is a smaller knife than I prefer, but I cant deny its a well built, well thought out, and intuitive knife. It feels great in the hand the upward swooping thumb rest is great for carving motions. Serrated blades are harder to sharpen due to the design, but they are more effective for cutting harder materials like ropes.

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